This is a little late for this post but anyways I drafted it during the GSOC-17 only, so I am posting it with some modification.

My proposal for FOSSASIA PSLab was selected.

Title : Develop an Android Science App for PSLab Experiments.

A brief intro about Pocket Science Lab, its an Open Source Hardware Device which provides a lot of functionality that is required to perform a general scientific experiment. You can do a lot of other activities like monitoring motion using MPU6050 sensor by the add-on sensors which the device support. The device supports many sensors complete list can be seen here. Python Client for PSLab supports more sensors, a list can be viewed here.

Current Applications of PSLab are :

  • 4-Channel, up to 2 msps (millions of samples per second) Oscilloscope
  • Shows variation of analog signals (constantly varying signals)
  • 4-Channels for Logic Analyzer
  • Captures and displays signals from digital system
  • 2 Sine Wave Generators, Frequency Range (5Hz - 5KHz)
  • 4 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Wave Generator, Range up to 8MHz
  • Capacitance Measurement, Range (pF-uF)
  • 3 12-bit Programmable Voltage Sources
  • 12-bit Programmable Current Source
  • I2C/SPI/UART data-buses for Accelerometer/Gyroscope/humidity/temperature sensors etc
  • Supports other Add ons/Advanced Plugins

For details about hardware and firmware for PSLab Device, Refer ReadMe of corresponding repository.

My project for Summer 2017 involves making an Android Client for PSLab Device. In short you can do the experiments by connecting your mobile phone with device through OTG cable. To be precise, here is abstract that I gave for GSOC

“Create an Android App from scratch which would enable user to use PSLab directly from their mobile phone through an OTG cable and perform various experiments and get output from App itself. Many PSLab experiments have been already implemented in Python. They can be ported to Android and can be performed directly from the phone.”

There were other devs (Jithin, Akarshan, Padmal, Asitva) who were working along with me for the Pocket Science Lab. Mentors (Mario, Praveen, Lorenz) were awesome and helped a lot during the GSOC programme.

My blog posts during the GSOC-17 period can be viewed at FOSSASIA’s blog

Above are links to all the blog posts that I wrote during development of the PSLab Android App.

Link of gist that I submitted for final evaluation : GSOC-17 Report Vivek