Hey, I’m Vivek!

Welcome to my corner of the web! I’m currently working as a Software Development Engineer on the AWS Route53 team in the US, where I’m working on DNS (and stuff) on the cloud and on-prem. Before this, I delved into the dynamic realms of cryptocurrency with Coinbase and worked in the banking space for Deutsche Bank.

I graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering). During my time as a Google Summer of Code Student Developer under FOSSASIA in 2017, I acquired skills like Android development, open-source contribution process, etc. In GSOC, my work primarily focussed on developing Android clients for the PSLab Hardware Device and sharing my insights and development journey through technical blog posts on the Fossasia Blog. You can explore more of my projects on my Github profile.

During my stint as a Software Developer Intern at the SAMSUNG Research and Development Institute, I took on the exciting challenge of creating the “SAMSUNG ALERT MODE” for Samsung smartphones from scratch. However, it remained a proof of concept that never saw the light of day.

My passion extends beyond the workplace. I’m an avid explorer of new technologies, I like developing utility Android apps, writing technical blogs, and contributing to open-source projects. I’m fascinated by the intricacies of distributed systems and the design choices that underpin their availability and scalability.

I am using this site as a medium to document my learnings in tech/finance/fitness space.

NOTE: All the posts and opinions are my personal views/experiences and are unrelated to any organization I work for.

You can connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn