• PhoneMic

    Connect you phone to a loudspeaker via bluetooth or mobile jack. And your mobile would transform into a Wireless Mic. There is equalizer support in the app to modify some frequency components of your speech. You can also choose from given presets like Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc.

  • SnapScreenshot

    This is a screenshot app that takes mobile screenshot and store it in a private folder instead of broadcasting that a new image is created. Thus also allows to screenshot snapchat without triggering the notification to other person.

  • LiveFeed

    Transfers real-time camera feed from android phone to desktop, python script runs on desktop which receives and renders camera frames.

  • Advanced Attendance System

    App on teacher’s mobile acts as attendance server and app on student’s mobile acts as attendance client, communication between client and server is over wi-fi hotspot opened by server app.

  • AnimeDownloader

    Made a Chrome Extension and Android App to download anime from a website by injecting JavaScript on loaded webpage and obtaining required links.

  • 3D Pen

    Renders tip of pen continuously using Processing sketch (Used MPU6050 and Arduino Nano)

  • AndroidTerminal

    You can control any device`s terminal Laptop,RasPi,etc capable of running Python from your Android Smartphone. App on Android Device and Python script on target device. Project uses Firebase for exchange of command and response of terminal. Python Script executes command through subprocess module and sends the response to android app

  • PythonScripts

    Python scripts to automate various tasks. Example TorrentScrape, TelegramBot, etc

  • Image Processing GUI Client

    Uses OpenCV for Image Processing and PyQt5 for GUI. Tested with Python 3

  • Games in C++ by Using Graphics Library

    Paratron Idea Based on Original Game Paratrooper
    Space Invader Arcade game Space Invader
    Rapid Roll Classic Game

There are few more projects that I have open sourced, you can find them here